Villa vs Hotel on Bali

Villa vs Hotel

The travel industry is changing, and so too are mindsets and expectations of the everyday traveller. And when you choosing between a private villa or a hotel, there is simply no competition, if you know what you’re paying for. Here are the reasons:

1. PRIVACY – one of the biggest perks of staying in a luxury villa. And it’s offered at a level that even 5-star hotels can’t beat.

When you book to stay in a villa you have a whole property to yourself, for guaranteed peace and serenity.  The exclusivity of your own residence means that there are no obnoxious neighbors, and no other travellers to share your space with.

If you find a villa with a gym, you can sweat without anyone looking. Villas are so private that you can swim naked if that’s your thing!

2. RATES. When you travel with a family or group of friends – the villa can offer a much better rate than a hotel. For example, 1 room at 5* hotel will cost you minimum USD150 per night, while the same room at a private villa can cost you even USD50. 

3. SPACE. The hotel can offer you a room about 20 sq.m. or a suite with 80 sq.m. But villas have an intrinsic sense of space, which may even be more than you’re used to at home!

All private villas have kitchens, grand living rooms, and professionally designed outdoor pavilions. Ultimately, villas offer more space per dollar you pay. While you might enjoy a spacious suite at a 5-star hotel, villas are far more than hotel counterparts, not only in terms of interiors but also extending outdoors. 

4. PERSONALITY. All hotel rooms are the same with no sense of individuality or exclusivity. The villa offers antique and reclaimed wood furniture, elegant interiors with collectable paintings, tropical gardens with day beds, balconies, and spacious bathrooms with baths overlooking nature. Some even come with cinema rooms, Jacuzzi, spa rooms, sauna, etc.

5. EQUIPMENT. The villa is fully equipped with all kind of technique you might need, to feel yourself at home. The villas’ kitchen equipped with stove, cutleries, fridge, and other useful equipment like coffee maker, water dispenser with free flow drinking water, microwave or an oven. 

Some villas offer a laundry room with washing and drying machines, which are necessary if travel with small kids. And you do not have a headache where to wash your clothes, overpay to hotel laundry or have usual laundry problems like spoiled or lost clothes.

6. STAFF. Apart from all amenities and comforts, a luxury villa comes with a dedicated team of experienced staff to cater all your needs, such as private chef concierge service, private car with driver and other services designed for you personally, you can make sure that your luxury villa holiday experience is truly unforgettable.

7. DRINKS. The hotels usually not allowed to bring the alcohol from outside and can charge you the corkage fee if you bring your alcohol for the event or a romantic dinner. While in a private villa staff can bring you any drink you ask for just for small tips.

The hotels have 1 advantage over the villas – the number of rooms. If something broken in one room, the hotel usually can provide you with other available room. In private villa you have to wait while the problem will be solved, if the villa owner or management company can’t offer you another villa or similar substitute.

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