Arco Iris Resort

Arco Iris Resort

Arco Iris Resort

Candidasa, Bali, Indonesia

For Rent

$40 per night

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Property ID :


20 are
Year Built
Lot Size
48-65 sq m


ARCO IRIS  RESORT  – nine spacious, cool and comfortable bungalows are located in a coconut grove not far from a beautiful bay, there is the sun hiding behind green hills painting the sky with a sunset pastel.

The bungalows are built from environmentally friendly materials. Traditional architectural style combined with modern technology. All the furniture in the hotel is made of solid wood teak, handcrafted. On the spacious terraces with bamboo sofas and chairs where you can comfortably relax after a heat day.

There is a large swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a restaurant with national and European cuisine and free wi-fi throughout the hotel.

The hotel is less than 100 meters from the ocean. Quiet, clear water, sandy beach, and coral reef.

Additional Details

  • Quantity of bungalows: 9 (one bedroom)
  • Fridge: In each bungalow
  • Clear water: Dispenser in each bungalow
  • Cleaning: Daily
  • Bed linen and towels changing: 3 times per week
  • Breakfast: included
  • Swimming pool: 12x6 meters plus jakuzzi
  • Sunbeds: 6
  • Wi-Fi: 10 mbps
  • Parking: 5 cars
  • Distance to the beach: 100 m


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Arco Iris Resort

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