Villa vs Hotel on Bali

Villa vs Hotel

The travel industry is changing, and so too are mindsets and expectations of the everyday traveller. And when you choosing between a private villa or a hotel, there is simply no competition, if you know what you’re paying for. Here are the reasons: 1. PRIVACY – one of the biggest perks of staying in a…

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Buying land on Bali as a foreigner

Buying land on Bali: several tips You need to know

Bali is a tropical paradise with amazing landscape and wonderful weather, good infrastructure, and many attractions. All these factors making Bali a unique place with a high index of return the investments (ROI). Some villas has high occupancy (up to 90%) and ROI up to 40%. More investors looking to buy land in Bali build…

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How to buy property on Bali as a foreigner

Buying property on Bali as a foreigner

Bali hits top – 10 of most popular islands of the world several years, which attracts more foreign investors. Since 2008 the number of foreign investors buying property on Bali increase instantly 5% – 10% every year. The property prices also show constant growth despite on all world economic crises for the last 10 years….

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Indonesian Real Estate laws

Indonesian property laws

If you decide to buy a property in Indonesia or rent it for a long time, then you have several options for getting the right to property, but it is worth emphasizing that in Indonesia there are restrictions on the ownership of real estate by foreign nationals. HAK MILIK Or «Freehold» property option only for…

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