Information for owners

Information for owners

“Your Villa’’ began activity on the island of Bali in 2009 as a Real Estate agency, providing holiday rentals and villa sales and purchases. Thanks to the experience accumulated over 10 years of work, we are excellently guided in the market of Bali real estate, we also have extensive knowledge of what housing and services are available to provide guests a memorable and restful vacation. This knowledge has allowed us to formulate and create complete and cost-effective solutions for owners of resort real estate and prospective new investors.

To provide a high level of service and also to support real estate objects, we have established close relationships with professionals ,such services being: construction and repair, lease of transport, sanitary and electric installation work, installation and service of air conditioners, cleaning, connection of the Internet and cable television, logistics, excursions, massage, concierge service, etc. Buying building materials, furniture or bed linen from the reputable suppliers — we in addition can provide to our clients the lowest possible prices that by all means affects the end result.

Continuously being based in Bali, we are able to react to any urgent inquiries, and emergency situations immediately, therefore you can be sure that guests will be satisfied with the accommodation in your property, despite any breakdowns say in air conditioners, power outages or even empty gas cylinders.

Expert management, along with a wide range of marketing services developed and adapted to specific needs of each client. We try to use all available communication channels to reach the maximum occupancy of the resort real estate in Bali. Creating accounts of properties in all significant systems of online reservation of B2B and B2C, we monitor the ratings and removal of pages of the properties in the TOP of search delivery of systems of online reservations. We collaborate with agents, industry leaders and travel bloggers to create pages of properties on our websites. We endeavor to advance the properties on social networks, search engines, and mailings to our agents and clients. Thanks to the high rating in online reservations and the ranking as “Top Host”, your Villa will be in the lead from the very beginning.

Compared with other companies our fees, without exaggeration, are one of the lowest on the island! Having taken into fact the expenses of property owners for services of management we take less than 25-30% of profit into account. In saying this, we seek to establish fair prices for management and marketing for all participants of the market.

Management of the real estate

Management of one property from 1 to 7 bedrooms will cost you $300 – $500 a month. Maintaining the condition of the property and checking each, before settling in of guests is included in this price. We will also monitor replenishment of expendables, such as: coffee, tea, bathing accessories, napkins and toilet paper, drinking water, gas up to a high standard. The owner of the property will see the report on all costs of works and materials in real time.


Marketing of a property from 1 to 7 bedrooms will cost you $300 – $1000 a month or 10% of the confirmed reservations, at your choice. Everything will include all range of services on customer acquisition in this price, except the commissions of online booking systems (OTA) and agents, and also the programs of loyalty and other discounts applied by us or OTA, to increase in interest of guests in your property.

Selection of the real estate

For those who want to begin to earn doing business in Bali, but who are not confident in the process, we render services in selection and preparation of objects for the reception of lodgers. In case we sign the long-term contract for the subsequent management with the customer, then the service is rendered free of charge, but if the customer intends to operate personally the real estate, then the cost of this service is $1200 in a rupiah equivalent. Considering that in the market there isn’t a lot of perspectives and underestimated real estate objects, a good alternative is the creation of such objects and complexes from scratch. For this purpose it is necessary to select a viable building site, to be constructed on and it is possible to begin to profit. For many this way can seem very difficult and expensive, but, in most cases, this option is the most effective and favorable! The cost of our services, in search of the land, legal support, design, preparation of the project, construction, supervision and further management depends on volumes and are discussed individually with each customer.

Transparent relations

Your Villa creates a strong brand for homeowners. All systems of online reservation will be registered under a name of house owners. All payments will directly arrive in the bank account of the house owner. If you have no bank account in Indonesia, we can help you to accept payments or to open the legal entity. Our team will do monthly sales reports and expenses.