About Bali

About Bali

Bali Agung viewBali Island is the most popular resort in Indonesia, which is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. According to the Bali Government Tourism Office, for the last 10 years, the foreign tourist arrivals to Bali increased by 231%.

Bali is one of the richest regions of the country, because approximately 80% of the island’s economy is in the tourist sector. The lion’s share of the tourist business of Bali is the real estate market, which attracts both local and foreign investors. According to the central bureau of statistics of Bali, the room occupancy for the last 4 years is about 60-65% throughout the whole year. And this is one of the reasons why profit from villa rent can reach 15% – 20% per year.

But making a rental business is not an easy one. There are many problems which inexperienced investor can face. As practice shows, it is most advantageous to rent villas for a rental business minimum for 3-4 years. In this case, the rental price can be significantly reduced, which will favorably affect the result. The main criteria affecting the high profitability of villas are such indicators as area, distance to the beach, garden and pool, beautiful view, cleanliness, services included in the price, hospitable and helpful staff, etc. Of course, these are not all the criteria that can affect the high ROI, but if you find an object that meets most of them – half of the work is done.

If in the future you plan to entrust property management to one of the management companies, then the selection of a suitable object should also be entrusted to it. That will avoid you many problems since with insufficient experience you can buy or rent such a property that the maintenance costs will be too high and no management company cannot achieve high yield.

If you intend to do everything yourself, then you should be very careful, as one wrong step can lead to disastrous consequences. With the exception of legal aspects, in addition to the above basic criteria inherent in promising properties, you should also pay attention to the general condition of the house or villa, engineering systems, roofs, pipes, pumps and so on. Practice shows that it is far from always possible to find an ideal object, therefore, among other things; one must be prepared not only for cosmetic repairs but also partial reconstruction or even major repairs. And if you cannot do without repairs, then you will face another difficult task, since finding decent workers without knowledge of the Indonesian language is extremely problematic, or expensive, which could significantly delay the return on investment.

Neighbors have not the last value. If neighbors keep dogs, chickens, or breed fighting cocks, then such a neighborhood may cloud the stay of guests at the villa, which will negatively affect the load, so you should take this into account. Also, inspect the neighborhood for possible construction in the neighborhood, and if the probability of the start of construction is potentially present, then you should think carefully before removing such an object. You should also check the previous bills so that the new accounts do not become an unpleasant surprise for you, and by all means, make sure there are no utility payments arrears. If you are renting a property, you are sure to reflect in the contract that will be responsible for the repair of the building itself, the roof or equipment in case of its failure.

The second half is marketing! Currently, the overwhelming majority of guests prefer to book villas via numerous online booking systems, which we will not list. Getting to any of these sites, visitors can choose the villa or hotel that suits them, the number of bedrooms and the type of room, book accommodation online for specific dates, and immediately receive a booking confirmation via email. In addition, all customers here are available hundreds and hundreds of guest reviews, based on which you can make.